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How can I keep my full-time Fire and EMS protection?

I want to keep my full-time fire and EMS protection, what can I do???

Good question!

Your best option would be to contact the Town of Union and tell them how you feel.  They will direct you to write an email or letter that will be reviewed at their August 12 work session to review the proposal on the table to bring Volunteer fire coverage to Westover and Fairmont Park.

It is suggested that if you choose the email route, while it will be read, your letter will not be entered into the minutes as communications for the next regular meeting.  Your best bet would be to send the email, and print out a physical copy to either mail or hand deliver to the Town offices.  Town contact information can be found via the link included on this page.

Provided for your usage, we have included a form letter that can be sent to the Town in the links below.

Westover Letter WordDoc

Westover Letter PDF

As always, be safe, and we thank you for your support!!!!!

You may also view the presentation comparing your current coverage to that which has been proposed here


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